Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 55

Their fried green tomatoes break- fast dish smothered in spicy cre- ole sauce is unique and loved by many. The staff at Frank’s is extremely accommodating and they seem to really care about their patrons’ happiness. I was also impressed by their “Purple Oatmeal” made with Snoqualmie Falls oats and Priest Lake huckle- berries. It is really special when restaurants find a way to use local ingredients. Another dish they are famous for is their chick- en fried steak. It’s a big portion, so make sure you bring your ap- petite. Frank’s Diner If you’re willing to brave the ear- ly morning crowd, you won’t be disappointed at Frank’s. They’ve been serving up breakfast in Spokane for 80 years and they have truly perfected their craft. 4. Bruncheonette- Couple of Chefs Catering & Food Truck 1011 W Broadway Ave. Spokane, WA 509.443.5968 Bruncheonette is a pleasant surprise for the Spokane food scene. They just opened their doors in 2016 and they serve brunch Mon- day-Sunday from 7am-3pm. Bruncheonette was created by the owners of Couple of Chefs Food Truck. This is their first brick & mortar location, right next to Milford’s on Monroe. They have ev- erything you want for brunch. From sweet, to savory, to bourbon… yeah, bourbon butter. Their menu is split up into sections such as: Waffles, Pancakes & Sweets, Plates (more gourmet dishes), Hand- helds (sandwiches and burgers), and they even have salads. Let’s start with my favorite dish: the “Tamale Waffle.” This is one of the best Mexican dishes I have had in Spokane. The waffle is mixed with green onions and cheddar tamales making it savory and spicy. It is then topped with Mexican spiced shredded beef, cherry to- matoes, pickled jalapeño, lettuce, sour cream, and two eggs. This dish was on FIRE, literally and figuratively. It kept getting better and better with each bite. They don’t skimp on the meat and the runny eggs create an even creamier dish. They also have some untraditional brunch items on the menu such as their “Healthy Elvis Chocolate & Banana Protein Pancakes”, the “Rude-Ben” (Reuben’s Drunk Uncle), and another Mexican favorite: “Chilaquiles”. I was impressed by their “Monte Cristo French Toast.” Made with brioche French toast, bacon, turkey, strawberry jam, Swiss cheese, and powdered sugar, topped with real maple syrup. This isn’t your typical Monte Cristo. It is stuffed with thick cut tur- key making it much more gourmet than expected. Now I just have one issue. I really want to come back to try more of their menu, but how on earth do I come back and ignore that “Tamale Waffle”? May|June 2017 55