Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 54

The Yards Bruncheon They also do a fun take on the southern “chicken & waffles” dish, complete with coleslaw. If you want something light, their avocado toast appetizer is fresh and simple. Another reason this is a great brunch spot is because of their location. I like to bribe myself with a long run on the Centennial Trail, knowing that I will treat myself to a delicious brunch at Yards once I’m finished. I start the trail at Kendall Yards and do a loop headed east towards the Monroe Bridge, continue past Division, then pass Gonzaga and turn by the EWU Riverpoint Campus. Next, I head through Riverfront Park, and end back at Kendall Yards for brunch. These solid 10,000 steps absolve you of all guilt while indulging in this breakfast. It’s also a great way to see the city! 3. Frank’s Diner 1516 W 2nd Ave, Spokane, WA 509.747.8798 Frank’s is a true Spokane breakfast staple. There are two locations; one on the north side and one down- town. ^H\H\X[ ܙX\HXۈ[Hܘ]H][ܙH[H[YZ] MTTPQVS