Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 53

B E S T B R E A K FA S T S By Chandler Anderson Baird Chaps Coffee Co. 1. Chaps Coffee Co. 4237 Cheney Spokane Rd Spokane, WA 99224 509.624.4182 Chaps is a “bruncher’s” paradise. They have an adorable, large out- door front-patio with pretty blooms and rustic-farm vibes. The décor, am- biance, staff, and food are all 5 STAR at Chaps! The owner really loves this place and her passion shows in the food creations, baked goods, and in- terior design. There is literally an old truck bed full of fresh flowers parked in the middle of the outdoor patio. If that doesn’t scream rustic farm chic then I don’t know what does. We tried three different dishes to really get a feel for the Chaps menu and to make sure we tasted the sweet, the savory, and…the salmon. I have a thing for salmon breakfast dish- es. I’d recommend the salmon and asparagus dish, eggs Benedict, and blueberry French toast (in that or- der). Also, you’ll want to try some of their fresh pastries while you’re there. They are known for their ma- ple scones. Chaps is technically in Cheney, so you will have to escape the Spokane city line, but it is well worth the quick drive west. Just get in the car and GO. You’ll be glad you did. 2. Yards Bruncheon 1248 W. Summit Pkwy. Spokane, WA | 509.290.5952 The Yards Bruncheon When I have family or friends visit- ing from out of town I always take them here for our first breakfast to- gether. A first impression is a lasting impression, right? Their “Irish Bene- dict with Pastrami” keeps me com- ing back time and time again. I don’t know how they make their hollanda- ise but all other restaurants should take note. It’s light and soft and sour and…they’ve raised the bar. The pan- cakes are also fantastic. They’re thin with a good crunch on the edges. Yards is always consistent with their food and service, which gives me as- surance that I can bring anyone here and they will be impressed. May|June 2017 53