Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 5

CONTENTS: 38 S prezzatura 44 L ocal R adio T he “H arder ” W ay 52 T he B est B reakfasts 58 A dvertiser D irectory 59 A rt C howder M arketplace The Art of Effortlessness By Melville Holmes Hot Dogs and Hot Hits By Janis V. Bers By Chandler Anderson Baird P ublisher 708 North Argonne Road #18 Spokane Valley Washington 99214 Dean Cameron C reative D irector & E ditorial D esign 509-995-9958 Rebecca Lloyd ISSUE No. 9 E ditor & P roofreader www.a rtchow de r.c o m Ann Contois A dvertising & S ales Ginny Brennan PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS: Vtyal Movement Dance Company Chandra Dee Marshall E. Peterson Jr. Dancer Wardrobe Provided By: Veda Lux Boutique Jonathan Johnson Photo: Amy Howko C ontributing W riters : Dean Cameron Karen Mobley Jocelyn Whitfield-Babcock Melville Holmes Ginny Brennan Janis V.Bers Chandler Anderson Baird May|June 2017 5