Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 48

LO C A L R A D I O T H E “ H A R D E R ” WAY By Janis V. Bers His morning show also took first place, and Rob received several awards, including employee of the year. Noticing large potential profit opportunities, major na- tional corporations began buying up large numbers of independent radio stations and forming them into nu- merous groups or “clusters” within each market. KISC was one of those purchases and fell victim to the prac- tices and priorities of placing profit before quality. Wide- spread cutbacks were implemented, involving slashing promotional finances and resulting in stations becoming almost anonymous. Little money for promotion budget meant no billboards, no TV advertising, no presence, and zero budgets for contests or prizes. Local live announcers were being replaced by pre-recorded syndicated shows, and nationwide program sharing had become the normal corporate practice. Rob estimates that in a time period of 5 years the corporation eliminated at least half of its en- tire workforce. Essentially local radio had begun to lose its local identity, and it was about to lose its leader! After all his years of dedication and effort in raising his Spokane radio stations to the fiscally attractive proposi- tions that corporate greed just couldn’t resist, Rob was cruelly rewarded. He received an immediate dismissal notice 6 years ago and was invited to leave the organi- zation, and indeed the building, that very same day— without even a thank you from his replacement or the corporation! But Rob was by no means finished with his wide world of broadcasting. In yet another twist of fate and good fortune, Rob reconnected with Bob Anthony who in the meantime Ʌхѥݹȁ)եєͥ酉ɽЁ她͕хѥ) ɹ ܁݅ѕѼٔЁɔ͡Ё)ѡMɭЁ٥ѕIѼѹȁݥѠ)ݡչqͱtхѥѡЁ݅́م)ɍ͔ձɕ)Iɕѕȁͥեєѡ)ͽ) եMȰѡ͕ЁЁɕѥ)Ʌ܁ձЁѕɅхѥѡЁ݅́Ѽ)-==0ܸĀ-AA0IѕɅ䁡եЁѡ)хѥéɽɽͽ́եЁɅ̰)Ё܁ѡ́ѡ܁Ёхѥ)ѽѼѡȸI݅́Ѽո)ɥЁѡ̸͔)I!Ё!ɑȁѥ́ɕ͕ѥ́ݕ)Ʌ͡܁ٕMɑ䁅ѕɹɽѼ)%ԁȁɅٔɕ͕ѕѡȴ)ЁЁ݅́ɥȁѼѡɅєхٕ̰ԁ)ѼхѕѼIЁ-==0ܸĸ́ѡѥѱ)՝̰ѡхѥչЀܸā4)Ʌ́ͼمЁĹ(IP !=]H5i%9