Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 47

LO C A L R A D I O T H E “ H A R D E R ” WAY By Janis V. Bers They used their joint talents for cre- ating successful projects in a market they were both familiar with and had many points of contact within. But that old radio bug bites deeply, and eventually Rob was missing the thrill of live broadcasting. Fortunate- ly, being back on home turf, it didn’t take too long until he was snapped up by KJRB and given the prestigious live afternoon drive slot. For the following 18 months this partnership flourished, then, just as had happened so many times before, another opportunity came knocking at Rob’s door. This time Spokane’s KHQ radio wanted Rob’s expertise to convert its automated format to a live personality profiled output. All the right ingredi- ents were on the ta- ble: a high quality ste- reo FM output, a local station owned by the celebrated Cowles family, and an offer for Rob to not only be the new Program Director but to also become the new morning drive DJ. It didn’t take Rob long to elevate this seemingly dormant radio station to a popular live top 40 format signal that Spokane eagerly adhered to. As the station grew and de- veloped, Rob flipped the format to adult contemporary and the call letters were changed to KISC, today better known as KISS 98.1. This was to be Rob’s longest, and indeed most accomplished ten- ure in broadcasting and radio management. He had dedicated a full quarter of a century of his expertise and encouragement to this rap- idly expanding organization, which was now adding more stations to the group. Rob raised KISC to the number one station in Spokane. May|June 2017 47