Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 4

From the Publisher Dean Cameron As I write this, it is the end of March and I am on an airplane heading home from a visit to North Carolina. While Spokane struggles with escaping winter and welcoming spring, it is lush, warm and 80 degrees in the Carolinas today. I am proud to say I can’t wait to get home! I love Spokane and the Northwest. It is home with our mountains, lakes and fast waters. The Northwest people are friendly, welcoming and diverse. I have traveled across the US and the Northwest has a feel of community that I have yet to feel anywhere else. This is the premise and goal for Art Chowder, to share that sense of community and “Northwest Personality” in the Art that we see, the performances we enjoy and meals we share. We want to empower our cultural community with an affordable means to share their stories and talents. We also want to be a vehicle to give back. We are excited to share our affiliate program with our readership and adver- tising partners. Artists, Businesses and Individuals can register as an affiliate partner with Art Chowder. All you need is a website. Register as an affiliate, copy the code and paste it to your website and you will receive $5.00 for every person who purchases a 1 year subscription to Art Chowder from your link. We will also recognize you and add a link to your website on our home page to help drive traffic to our Affiliate Partner pages. Art Chowder can be a fund-raiser to support your organization, an additional income source, or a way to share Art Chowder with a larger audience and promote the broad cultural talents that make our community the great place to live, that we are blessed to share. So, let’s do this and spread the word, spread the wealth and savor the experience of our great region. Dean Cameron Publisher Art Chowder Magazine 4 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE