Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 23

5. E njoy T he P rocess Bartosz and Nishiki understand that life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a se- ries of destinations to attain. As a couple, they still smile at each other and their eyes display the look of love. Nishiki: “Having a child brings this sense of community. I want to give my daughter and my grandchildren a beautiful world.” Bartosz: “Life is about making decisions. Every decision I have made is the correct one. It brought me to where I am.” Q: What Are You Currently Working On? Nishiki: “I created a 69 x 138” (total of six panels) painting for the Visualizing Science exhibit as part of a nine-month collaboration with the Science Depart- ment at the University of Idaho. The six panels are an example of how each microbiologist discipline doesn’t talk to each other. The gaps between are highlighted to represent the connection they share.” Bartosz “The Person of the Year painting is my reflection on political changes that took place in the United States and opens my new series of paintings that I call Ten Starts from One. Through the title of the series I am trying to say that the number ten has its beginning from number one. Recently, around the world, we follow the trends that focus on taking our attention out of the think- ing that we are a global village and we begin to create new borders based on intolerance.” A pyramidical series called Reverse Power opens in tandem to this series. Top left: NISHIKI SUGAWARA-BEDA B AR T O S Z B E D A Person of the Year “I often explore political issues in my work. This is something I am interested in and it often exposes itself in hidden meanings. Perhaps my paint- ings can educate and open eyes to problems and issues that are not spoken out loud.” Bartosz is known for depict- ing social concerns, political mentions, and/or historical references while utilizing images from the media. Ten Starts from One incor- porates all four of these components in a single series with a powerful message. May|June 2017 23