Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 21

Q: Has your spouse served as a Muse for your art? 4. S eparate W ork F rom H ome Bartosz begins with an image of a figure. He once painted Nishiki, and the painting sold. To avoid sin- gling out the purchaser, there was not an inquiry as to which painting it was; however, a visit to Bartosz’s website provides a guess as to the painting in ques- tion. An example of an area when two opposites complete each other, Nishiki is a morning person and Bartosz is a night owl. He vowed to do a portrait of their daughter each year, and completed the first for the collection (which he entered into a competition, outcome pending). Nishiki’s inspiration in Bartosz’s work shows in circles under a thin layer of paint on his oil on canvas: Ten Starts From One (2017). Though it appears her influ- ence is in another painting in this series, it was not a conscious action, as the before-mentioned painting. Q: How Do You Balance Art with Home and Family? It was easier to stay up later before they were parents. Now, they work their craft in shifts on weekends so each has an opportunity in their studio and time spent with Yutsuki, their one-year-old daughter. Weekdays, when daycare is available a couple times per week, they maxi- mize their creative time. Domestically, they share chores. Bartosz cooks enough meals on Saturday to last through Wednesday. Nishiki cooks fresh foods for the baby. May|June 2017 21