Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 20

2. B e S upportive Basic advice for success in any marriage: a supportive relationship enables one to achieve more than they could on their own. Yet, what defines support and mutual benefits may dif- fer from person to person. Add the element of an art- ist who has poured blood, sweat, and tears into birth- ing a creation, and support is a more emotional need required of both parties. Q: Do You Ever Critique Each Other’s Work? Nishiki: Only when asked. “It is important to separate personal opinions and stick to a formal artist interpreta- tion.” A teacher by nature and profession, she selects her words carefully. As for receiving feedback, Nishiki says she needs Bar- tosz’s eye, especially when stuck, and won’t finish a piece without his okay. Bartosz: “Feedback helps make progress. It is import- ant to avoid sensitivity and give your honest thoughts.” Their relationship forged when Nishiki was a profes- sor and Bartosz a student. They discussed his work over Skype. Though now, he relies on his instincts in the studio. Q: Even Though You Work in Different Mediums, Do You Ever Feel Competitive with Each Other? Nishiki: “No. It would be difficult for one in the re- lationship to share a happy moment if the other is frus- trated.” Bartosz: “Nishiki has ten years more life experi- ence.” Bartosz picked up his brush as a young child of seven, and has enjoyed many honors in his career, but realizes the importance of being in the physical space of galleries and exhi- bitions in order to expand one’s audience. Q: Other Than When You First Met, Have You Ever Shown Your Work Together? They were in a show as newlyweds in June 2014 for Viewpoints at Aljira, Centre for Contemporary Art in Newark, New Jersey. Afterward, they ventured into New York and bought their wedding rings. 3. Y ou M ust L ike E ach O thers ’A rt Art is an ɕͥ)é͕%ԁͱ)ȁѹˊéаԁɔ)Ёѡ Ѡ)9͡ ѽ聅ɕ)ѡЁԁЁѡ)ȁѹȁɽՍ́Ѽ)ձɕЁѡ́)٥Յѥи)D!܁5Aѥ́)eԁ]ɬЁ=)9͡胊q$ɕѱ䁍)ѕͥ́ȁ)ɕЁܳ͡t啐)ѡAɥɐ) ѽ չѥ́)́Ѽѥ+qMٕ%ѥݕɔ)ٕѡѥ)́Ёѡͅ)ѕȻt)IQ%MP)HP