Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 18

Bartosz Beda and Nishiki Sugawara met opening night at an exposition at Cen- trespace Gallery in Bristol, England. Ni- shiki asked the curator if any of the oth- er artists arrived early, as she did, and was pointed toward Bartosz. They talk- ed most of the night, gravitating back to each other after brief stints of conver- sation elsewhere. Those in attendance understood before they realized them- selves, love sparked that night. A strong friendship formed and Skype became their method of communica- tion. Nishiki, having already complet- ed her MFA at Indiana University, had worked as an assistant professor at the University of Toledo and at the Universi- ty of North Dakota. Their online conver- sations began as she discussed his art, then their talks turned personal. Their individual lives were demanding. Bartosz, a Towry Award winner for the Best of the North of England, completed an MFA at the Manchester Metropolitan University, won a scholarship to Dres- den Academy of Arts, and took part in numerous exhibits. Nishiki was busy seeking a more permanent teaching po- sition with a university and interviewed at several locations. Overwhelmed with opportunities and decisions that would shape their future, they still found time for each other via the Internet. ARTIST NISHIKI SUGAWARA-BEDA Born and raised in Japan, Nishiki Sugawara-Beda immigrated to the US as a young adult. She creates art works that deal with the examination of various cultures. Her work has been presented in solo exhibitions as well as numerous group shows, at national and internation- al level. She has been shortlisted for various art competitions, including the Door Prize (Bristol, En- gland), Paint Like You Mean It (Edinburgh, Scotland), ArtGemini Prize (London, England), and 7th National Juried Exhibition at Prince Street Gallery (New York). Her work has been pub- lished in the 87th issue of New American Paintings, Fresh Paint Magazine, and Expose Art Magazine: Special Edition. She grad- uated from Portland State Universi H]HK[X\Y\QH[Z[[˜][X[H[]\]KB\\[H[\\[ٙ\܈]H[]\]BوYZTKܛ[[[NN \ވYB[]YHR[  Y\ܘYX] B[]HPH[[B\[ LKH\œ[XY܈H L][\ZYH\›ۙHوH[KB\[[Y\[\\š[HRˈ[ LYH\ܝ [\Y܈X]H]”[][ۜ[ۂH\Y[YYܞB]\܈H\قܝو[[\[\H^ [[۝\\XY[^Hو[H\š[\[\X[KYHY^ BX][ۜ][\XBYXKZ[ LKP[\KXXB MJKXۋUYY [[ MK[XZ]YH[\Hۙ^[ۙH\8&P\H[YK][B[ MHXZ[Y[\[Y\ZH\\X][ۈ[YX\ˈHXYY\]\Y[[]\K\ވ\H\ \Y\X\H܂[ܝ][ۈH\YK\ނ\HY[\Y[ˈH\Y\HܙY]\ZHHR[[[[Y^H]\\Y[B\Y^HY\ H[Z[Y\܈H\^\و\\^K\ZHX\YH][ۈ\\\[ٙ\܈]H[]\]HوYZ˂[۝Y\Z\]\X[KB^K\ވ]]\]\ZH[H[[ܝ\[ ^HKB']\Y 'H]\^H]HXYHBYH[[Z[H[[YZˈ8'H[[\ܚH[]\K8'HH^\˂H[\]\XYH]XH܂\\]HZ\X[\H[H܋B\وHܛ^H[Z\] NTTPQVSBTTTH