Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 12

Photo Credit: Chandra Dee Dancer Wardrobe Provided By: Veda Lux Boutique This is the reason Greene created a community class for adults to dance without competition. One class became a movement which now has the backing of community arts organizations, the Spokane Symphony, Terrain Arts, and Gonzaga University to name a few. Collaborating with local universities and art groups is crucial to support program growth. Dance is meant to be a lifelong activity and artist expression. Dance community means there is a place for all dancers at every level in this Danse community to come, stay, dance. “Even as our bodies begin to slow, our minds still rage with the exuberance of youth as we picture new danc- es forming and how our dream-perfect bodies would experience each movement. You can see it in the eyes of our elders as they describe to us past performances and new ideas— and we can also see it as their bodies still enact, as best they can, each nuance that is being described.” 12 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE