Art Chowder May | June 2017, Issue 9 - Page 11

“Teaching someone to do a dance does not make that person a dancer in the same way teaching someone to play a piece on the piano does not make that person a pianist.” Take The Path That is Scariest to You. Greene’s parting advice to his Georgia students was: “Take the path that is scariest to you.” The greatest fear is the unknown, and what we fear most must be conquered. Leading by example, he has left the stability of his position at Brenau and returned home to Spokane. Coming back to “phenomenal natural surroundings” near family, Greene brings his Danse Matters with him. Why the ‘s’? Because Dance Matters has always been his saying, and it’s a new chapter in Spokane. As founding director of Vytal Movement Dance Company, Greene’s goal for the Inland Northwest is “to enrich lives through work as a dance artist by choreographing, teaching, di- recting, and performing.” Greene likens dance to literary expression. “A story to be spoken or danced is what [dancers] have to offer—to contribute to those with us The popularity of dance through classes such as Zum- now and those who will hear us later. Dance is the most ephemeral of ba®, or as part of physical education in primary and sec- the arts; it is our stories that we leave behind when we leave the stage.” ondary schools, has added to the confusion about what dance is and what it isn’t. Each is legitimate in prac- He challenges his students to create stories that matter and have expe- tice, but there are distinct differences in the educational riences that help them live stories of excitement, challenge, trepidation, background and ultimate outcome. Dancers pursue their pain, redemption, and love - stories that are powerful. He shares his passion in a school of fine arts with the intention of pro- stories with his students to motivate, warn, and even entertain. These ducing art. PE teachers and workout instructors receive stories will be passed on to illustrate that dance matters. their education from a school of health and apply dance as a means of exercise. As he pens this new chapter, Greene is developing a dance community, and Spokane is more than ready for this expansion. “Spokane artists As the lines between art and activity blur, dance has are replants.” In our community, dance opportunities drop off at the had a difficult time breaking into both the arts and the age of eighteen. Twenty-something artists leave Eastern Washington health communities. Yet, our brains and bodies are not and North Idaho but often return to the area in their thirties and forties. separate. Dancers are &F'F7G2BFWFW2( ėBFW2( vRVVBF7&VFR6VGFBV6W&vW2Vr'F7G2F7F( ЦW66W2FfRW"&GVFW'7FFrFpvBRvBF6WfRBFW6&RFW6W'6VbFvVF6W'2&WGW&FV7FW&v6wFF&6RFV"f֖ƖW2FWW6VV6^( FF6RW7BGFW"FR( &Bv&BvRFBFWfRVgBF6R&VB( FW&R&RrF6W'0&7F6R7F&fFRFR&Wv&Bb6WfVVB7R'WB&G2v&RFW&RW&R( ФħVR#r