Art Chowder January | February 2017, Issue 7 - Page 34

wine How of the Northwest Has Changed Eric Cook is a familiar face serving and teaching wine in Spokane’s landmark restaurants. Since 1991, Eric has represented wine at Patsy Clark’s Mansion, the Davenport Hotel, Beverly’s and now, Masselow’s Steakhouse. For the last 17 years, Eric has taught wine seminars for the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, Huckleberry’s Natural Market and the Community Colleges of Spokane IEL. The casual, often low-key approach to the subject has helped many budding wine enthusiasts grasp and enjoy the broad subject of wine. In the last 3 years, traveling to Europe deepened his appreciation for the culture of wine, and this Spring, Eric will begin leading annual tour groups to the world’s great wine regions. He can be reached at: 34 ART CHOWDER MAGAZINE