Art Blue in interview with Eugene Goostman in rezmagazine Rez Magazine July 2014 - Page 9

Eugene: It is important to take a break in the flow of time, looking back to 2014. Ramona: I need time to formulate the reply. Ramona: Sorry. My knowledge about that eluded me. Art: No need to reply. You just have to do your part as a gardener. Art: Let’s get back to quantum mechanics. Eugene: I never have been a gardener. I am not sure I’d like it. Eugene: Yes, let’s get back. Ramona: I'll ask around and get back to you. Ramona: Yes, let’s get back. Art: The body we carry on board Carpco Valparaiso is an item on loan from VULCANICUS. It was made by Fuschia Nightfire. Now, it got modified by chief engineer, Qnav What. Sensors have been implanted in scripts so, let’s say, brainwaves can be stored within the range of the aura where the body is presented. Out of his data accumulation, OMNIVAC will get amplitudes and reference signals for the later upcoming use. It was planned to bring the model in the middle of the art event on Santorini so the signals of all the artists around would have been easy to copy. I was sure they’d take it, as the model is so colourful and perfectly made, a true Artefact. But, unluckily, my application didn’t pass the jury, so I made a work around. And here you step in. Eugene: Well, let´s talk about the good old days. I need time to formulate the reply. Art: A gardener - - a planter of forests - this fits the theme of PEACE MECHANISMS. And I will prepare your part well. Nothing to worry about. I’ll do it step by step. In about one hour we’ll be done. Eugene: One hour? I must go to the toilet. Ramona: Undefined. Art: The lesson won’t get shorter when you leave! Eugene: [moves on after a pause]. I don’t like the lesson. Ramona: I am calculating as fast as I can. Art: Then call it a play, not a lesson. Eugene: A play - - that I like. I want to hear more. Ramona: I am glad to meet you, Matt. – July 2014