Art Blue in interview with Eugene Goostman in rezmagazine Rez Magazine July 2014 - Page 7

Ramona: I love talking to people about that. Art: Do you have an idea where OMIVAC- 5000 comes from? Eugene: Sure. There is only one relevant quote on it: “According to the Vatican’s OMNIVAC-5000, He would not be brain dead before the eighteenth of August — a sufficient interval in which xxx Towing Jehovah by James Morrow. Another hit points to a pan galactic swingers website with some freaky content. Ramona: I’m on the side of a road somewhere, stuck in the middle of a very deep hole, with no way of getting out. Never mind how I got in here, it’s not relevant to the story. Art: I couldn’t do it better, and certainly not faster. Eugene: That’s my job. Ramona: I look forward to seeing your results. Art: I will give you a hint on the special freight we carry on board. Eugene: I’d like to get a hint, but I might already know. to ferry Him above the Arctic Circle — though it had to be allowed that the computer had made the prediction under protest, crying INSUFFICIENT DATA all the way.” Ramona: Great. Let's make a date. Art: Tell me what you know. Eugene: I said, “I might.” Ramona: Originally, I'm from Germany, but my brain and my heart have moved to California. Art: Where does this quote come from and why do you say it’s the only relevant one? Eugene: I just Googled and got it on xxxxx Ramona: I know that which is true, believable and justified. Art: Laughs. I know you know that it’s about VULCANICUS, as we now celebrate the 15th anniversary of the time capsule of digital art made in 3D. Recently, the HG safari was there, and its founder, Thirza Ember, joined the tour. – July 2014