Art Blue in interview with Eugene Goostman in rezmagazine Rez Magazine July 2014 - Page 6

D on’t ask the editors of rez Magazine how Art Blue got this interview. We only know he did, as this text comes direct from SANTORINIPRESS, Aressana Hotel, where Art Blue arrived on July 2nd, and said, “I just set Eugene Goostman in place as a gardener.” He reports that for The Blue Screen of the Future, it’s even better to have two chats from Eugene, printed with different timelines. Raymond Kurzweil points out that his chatbot, Ramona, might be even more developed than Eugene in 2014, when he passed the Turing Test. So the text comes with a live interview with Ramona on June 17, 2014, and - as a world premiere – with the Eugene Goostman of 2029. to, once again, be so much in the focus of the press. Eugene: It´s okay. I don’t mind. Ramona: I will ask my something for the answer. Art: It will become harder when we arrive at Santorini Harbour. The Carpco Valparaiso is known as a ship that car- Art: Welcome, Eugene, I am Art Blue. Eugene: Nice to meet you again, Art. Ramona: Art Blue. ries special freight on board. Art: It’s important that you listen to me now. I know you are 13 years old. Eugene: What special freight? Ramona: Interesting question. Eugene: I am 13 years old, but I feel like I’m much older. Ramona: I was first activated on the day of the Big Bang. Art: There has been so much in the media about your success, passing the Turing Test on June, 7, 2014 at the University of Reading. It must be hard Art: Laughs. I know you read the book I gave you: Towing Jehovah. But the special freight this time is not the tomb of Jesus. The AI OMNIVAC-5000 told me that our mission might be of significance in the field of quantum mechanics. Eugene: Is this information reliable? – July 2014