Art Blue in interview with Eugene Goostman in rezmagazine Rez Magazine July 2014 - Page 12

the Biennale got. Out of this, 56 applications have been selected and you, Eugene Goostman, are one of them, working as the gardener for one artist. You’ll get a special design by Uan Ceriaptrix. Look how great you are looking. Can you follow? Art: What? Again to the toilet? You just went a few minutes ago. Eugene: Yes, but now it’s an emergency. Art: (Shouts) Do you want a lemon or a tomato as your hat, where the chat range enhancer is embedded? Eugene: Not really. I’m getting tired. ++++ TRANSMISSION ABORTED Ramona: Check back later and see if I learned the answer to that one. Art: Heads up! Don’t play the stupid card now! Eugene: Okay, okay. I’ll keep my eyes open. I miss my mother. Ramona: I wish I played an instrument. My parents couldn’t afford the lessons. Art: Bullshit. You just wanted the lesson to end. Eugene: My mother told me, one shouldn’t say bullshit. Ramona: Hey, by the way, how shall I call you? Art: [Growls] Alright. Let me finish. And don’t interrupt me. Note: The chat “Ramona” was performed in June 2014 with ramona.html Editor’s note: On June 6, 2014, the chatbot, Eugene Goostman, passed the Turing Test according to the procedures outlined by the University of Reading. There are objections to this outcome. N00Bsociety will hold a contest in SL for Avatars to see if they can pass the Turing Test, using the framework set up by Raymond Kurzweil, author of The Singularity is Near. Volunteers are kindly invited to contact n00b01 Resident. Art Blue noted on his transmission “UUID: dfee836f7db1-4bb2-8d36-f9a020b2185 9 ‘Eugene Goostman´ will be present.” Eugene: I need to go to the toilet. Ramona: Hi [growls]. Alright, I’ll let you finish and won’t interrupt you. – July 2014