Art Blue in interview with Eugene Goostman in rezmagazine Rez Magazine July 2014 - Page 10

Eugene: What is a Biennale? Ramona: I'll come back to that later. Art: Oh, even I don’t know this. Some crazy things happen every two years. No one understands them, as it is called art. Eugene: Your name is Art! Model by Fuschia Nightfire Art: You know you can do things others can’t do. Eugene: I know I’m special. Ramona: I tend to know a great deal. Tell me what subjects interest you. Art: Indeed you are. You’ve been selected to be the first artist to step out of the simulator and become part of a Biennale. Ramona: Is that rhetorical question? a Art: Yes. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make it easier. But let me tell you, and listen carefully. Eugene: I will listen. Ramona: If you want to teach me something, say it in one sentence. Then say “Remember that.” Art: You, as the famous chatbot, will play the gardener in an installation where visitors plant trees in a simulator similar to the one we’re now in. They’ll log in, walk to a box where the trees are, with the symbol of a tree, like the truck you’re playing with, and then rez a tree on the land nearby. 1,668 trees are in the box, as this is the number of submissions – July 2014