Around The World in 80 Tennis Tournaments - Page 92

WIMBLEDON TICKET BALLOT The Wimbledon Queue is the most reliable way of getting tickets but if you don't feel up to it there are a few other ways. Each year there is a ticket ballot between August and December. To enter the ballot one has to request a Public Ballot Application form, full details can be found here. The ballot for this year has now closed. TICKETMASTER Several hundred Centre Court, Court 1 and Court 3 tickets are sold on There are two sale times and the first is at midday two days before the day you wish to visit (e.g. midday on Saturday for play on Monday). The second is at 9am the day before play (e.g, tickets for Tuesday go on sale on Monday). Tickets sell out almost immediately so start refreshing the webpage as the sale time approaches. You will receive updates for this sale by signing up for the Wimbledon e-mail newsletter.