Around The World in 80 Tennis Tournaments - Page 61

BUYING YOUR TICKETS Campo Centrale is the main show court and there are both day and night sessions at the Rome Masters. All matches from the quarter finals onwards are played on this court. The best seats, if you like the view as seen on TV, are behind the baseline in Tribuna Autorita and Sponsor followed by Tribuna Internazionale Nord and Sud (avoid the first two rows). Monday to Wednesday are the best days for ground passes.They give you access to all the courts except the Grandstand court. Arrive early or be prepared to queue as courts fill up fast, especially if Fabio Fognini is playing. AVOID THESE SEATS! Avoid tickets in rows 2 and 3 in Tribuna Internazionale Nord and Sud and Distinti Monte Mario and Tevere as you have to watch the tennis through a pane of glass. This is also the case for a fifth of the seats in row 4.