Around The World in 80 Tennis Tournaments - Page 105

QUICKEST ENTRANCE TRANSPORT The South Gate is much less crowded than the East Gate entrance. It is a five minute walk from the subway station but it will save you time overall. Take The #7 train from Grand Central, Fifth Avenue or Times Square subway station and alight at Mets-Willets Point. FOOD AND DRINK OR take the Long Island Railroad which leaves from Penn Station and stops at Mets- Willets Point. This option is slightly more expensive and trains are less frequent (every half an hour) BUT carriages are less crowded. Save money, bring your own water and refil it at the drinking fountains. You are also allowed to bring a moderate amount of food into the stadium. Buy tickets in advance to get cheaper fares and avoid queues during rush hour Cheaper food can be bought from the food carts outside the stadium. Make sure to get a stamp when you leave the stadium. PARKING If you MUST drive, there is parking at the US Open. A shuttle service runs from the stadium to the car park, which is FAR away. Leave yourself ample time to arrive in case of traffic. Parking costs $15. NO BACKPACKS Surprisingly you cannot bring backpacks into the arena and you will be sent to the cloakroom outside the grounds if you do. The lines for visitors with bags are very long so to enter quickly arrive empy handed. Here is a list of What You Can Bring to the US Open.