Around The World in 80 Tennis Tournaments - Page 101

BUYING THE BEST TICKETS Which rounds do you want to see? Check out the tournament schedule. If you have a favourite player they will play every OTHER day. Arthur Ashe is the main show court and during the first two rounds tends to host uncompetitive matches between the likes of Federer, Djokovic and Sharapova and lowly ranked players. There are both day sessions and night sessions. The night sessions are an electric, can't miss experience with a live music show before the tennis. However there are only 2 matches as opposed to 4 during the day. The BEST seats are at the ends of the court. This includes sections 1-6,65-67 and as you move further from the court 101-110, 159-170, 223-228 as well as the luxury suites. Promenade seats can almost always be bought on the day BUT The "promenade seats" are VERY far away from the court. One cannot hear the sound of the ball, ushers are nowhere to be seen and fans come and go as they feel, even during points. We advise AGAINST these seats and suggest buying a ground pass and watching on the big screen instead. Ground passes grant you admission to all courts except Arthur Ashe, even Louis Armstong, the second show court. The sections of Louis Armstong directly behind the baseline are ticketed .