Around the Table 2019 Summer Newsletter 8-Page - Page 8

Hungry families will feed their children healthy foods this summer, thanks to you! You’re Keeping Kids Healthy! And easing the minds of caring parents There’s no doubt our hungry neighbors are worried about the fast-approaching summer months. They are nervous that they’ll run out of food for their kids. For single parents like Ralph, it can be hard to make ends meet. While school is in session, he can count on a healthy breakfast and lunch every day during the week for his five children. But when summer comes, it gets harder to put food on the table. “I have a lot of mouths to feed,” Ralph says. “I don’t ever want my children to go hungry.” Ralph also takes care of his aging parents and a younger brother with special needs. When he’s not working, he’s wondering how to feed his family on a tight budget. “I have a lot of mouths to feed,” Ralph says. “I don’t ever want my children to go hungry.” Thankfully, Ralph and his family found the Amazing Grace Food Pantry, which is one of our Partner Agencies. They’ve been going for two years, and Ralph is grateful for the quality of food he receives — especially the meat, bread and fresh vegetables. Physical Address: 3677 Mapleshade Lane Plano, TX 75075 P 214.330.1396 F 214.331.4104 “Our kids’ health is based on what they eat, and I couldn’t afford healthy foods,” he says. “But with the help that we have received at the food pantry, we have been able to get through. My kids have all the nutrients they need and are healthy and growing.” Parents want the best for their children, and no parent should have to worry about their children going hungry. Thanks to you, Ralph can breathe a sigh of relief knowing he can provide for his family. “The food pantry has really helped us in times of need. I couldn’t make it without them,” Ralph says. “This place is a blessing.” This summer, many more children and families like Ralph’s need our help. We don’t want any child in our community to go without food. Your ongoing support of the Food Bank will help us keep the shelves stocked with healthy, nutritious food so parents like Ralph can give their children what they need. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 224607 Dallas, TX 75222-4607 Our Vision: A hunger-free, healthy North Texas. Connect with us on social media!