AROUND THE WORLD AND OUR SCHOOL APRIL/MAY 2016 / 4 ST GEORGE’S DAY It is celebrated on 23rd of April. St George is the patron saint of England (among other countries, such as: Portugal or Sweden). The symbol of St George is a red cross, and it is a part of the Union Jack – a flag of the UK. A traditional custom on St George's day is to wear a red rose in one's lapel, but this is no longer widely practised. Another custom is to fly the St George's Cross flag. People sing the hymn ‘Jerusalem’ in cathedrals, churches and chapels on St George's Day, or on Sunday closest to it. Also on this day traditional English food is consumed, of course fish and chips. Who was St George? He was a Roman soldier in the guard of Emperor of the Roman army. He is famous for being a Christian martyr and his legend of killing a dragon. Find the words in a text: - a man in a uniform…… - a beast - like a church - a name of the British flag - an activity associated with a chosen country ST GEORGE’S DAY 1 OUR PLAY PRESENTING BRITISH CUSTOMS 2 OUR GREEK PEN PALS 2 SUPERSTITIONS OUR TOWN 3 4