Around, June

AROUND THE WORLD AND OUR SCHOOL JUNE 2016 / 5 SUMMER HOLIDAYS We can’t wait the summer holidays. What do you like doing in your free time? Some enjoy outdoor activities, others indoor, such as: reading, surfing the net or watching films. But when the weather is nice we should spend our time outdoors. So, what can we do? Of course, play games, do sports and relax in the sun. Where can we usually spend our holidays? By the sea, by the lake or in the mountains. What essential things should we pack? Suntan cream, a tent, a guidebook, a map, a compass, a sleeping bag, matches and needles and thread, a raincoat if we go camping. Find the words in a text: - a piece of cloth…… - a book about places…….. - not inside ……… - used for lighting a fire ……… - not a hotel, but you can sleep in it ……. SUMMER HOLIDAYS 1 OUR LAST PARCEL FROM GREECE 2 OUR SUMMER PLANS POEMS 2 3