Around Ealing Spring 2014 - Page 7

UP FRONT How you T voted he Labour Party has and their wards, on pages 41-43 of retained control over Ealing this magazine – including the cabinet Council after winning a members selected to hold portfolios. majority of seats in the local The full election results by ward are elections in May. available on the council’s website, at It secured 53 of the total 69 seats on the council giving it an overall majority. EUROPEAN ELECTIONS Turnout was 41.3% Voter turnout for the In total, around for the local elections. European Parliamentary 380,000 votes were Votes cast in the local elections was 43.9% – cast in Ealing – the election determined which was higher than which party formed the London average second highest the decision-making of 37.4%. in London administration of Ealing Votes cast in Ealing Council for the next four were added to other votes years and how the council cast across the capital to select spends its budget on local services. eight MEPs to represent the London Three councillors have been elected area in the European Parliament, using for each of the borough’s 23 wards, a form of proportional representation. and the new political make-up of the The political make-up of London’s council is 53 (Labour), 12 (Conservative) new MEPs was as following: Four and 4 (Liberal Democrats). Labour, two Conservative, one Green You can see the full list of councillors, and one UKIP. Martin Smith, the returning officer, announces the result for one of the wards during the election count Above: The borough’s votes were counted and results declared from a specially-constructed marquee in Ealing around ealing Summer 2014 7