Around Ealing Spring 2014 - Page 37

SUMMER RECYCLING POINTS MEAN PRIZES Not only will recycling outside the home benefit the environment and help the borough reach its 50% recycling target, it is also good for your own pocket. Pledge to recycle on the go by visiting Greenredeem’s website (click on ‘Earns’ and then ‘Make a pledge’) and receive 10 points as part of the council’s residents’ rewards scheme –and while there you can also click on ‘Take a quiz’ to have a chance to double your points. Points can be turned into vouchers and discounts at local retailers and services. Check out where Greenredeem has recycling kiosks in place as well. Many are located in sports and leisure facilities, where you can instantly receive points for recycling directly into these kiosks. Find locations at Set a goal for the cup N Vlad1988 / You will be able to recycle common ‘on the go’ items: ■ Mixed paper – including newspapers, magazines and paper serviettes ■ Plastic – including bottles, and food containers such as salad tubs and yoghurt pots ■ Cans – including drink cans, food tins and foil wrap. Keep an eye out for the new bins when you are out and about, and recycle on the go this summer. For more information on where the bins are to be located, visit ow well and truly kicked off in Brazil, the world cup football is everywhere you look. It is a fantastic time of sport, celebration and patriotism, but it is also a time of increased consumption, both inside and outside of the home. If you love to watch the games accompanied by a cold beverage and tasty snacks you may notice the number of items in your recycling and refuse containers growing. Glass bottles, drink cans, plastic bottles, paper and more – not forgetting putting any leftovers in your food waste recycling bin. Well, we are encouraging you to set yourself a goal to recycle as much as you can. Pledge to recycle more throughout July by visiting Greenredeem’s website (click on ‘Earns’ and then ‘Make a pledge’) and score with 10 extra points to go towards your residents’ rewards total. around ealing Summer 2014 37