Around Ealing Spring 2014 - Page 36

SUMMER RECYCLING Recycling: It’s a picnic If you enjoy a spot of picnicking during the summer, you no longer need to throw your paper, plastic and cans into the rubbish bin, or carry it home to add to your recycling collection – as Jessica Bunker found out. T he council is in the process of installing new ‘on the go’ recycling bins in parks and high streets across the borough to make it possible to recycle outside of your home. It is a simple way to positively impact the environment and reduce the amount of waste being sent to Are you being rewarded yet? Register today at 36 around ealing Summer 2014 be buried and rot in landfill. This is because, presently, most rubbish thrown into bins in our borough’s parks and streets is generally sent to landfill. Although recycling at home is second nature for many residents, doing it if you are out and about can be difficult when facilities are not immediately available. With the great British tradition of picnicking and barbecuing; and with people increasingly snacking ‘on the go’; the council recognises that recycling services need to cater to residents’ lifestyles, which are becoming ever more fast-paced. Councillor Bassam Mahfouz, cabinet member for transport and environment, said: “The recycling bins, which are being installed throughout the summer in various parks and high street locations, will be easy to use and conveniently placed. Paper, plastic and cans can all be put in the same bin and will not need to be separated, making it even easier to recycle quickly, without any more effort than putting it into a rubbish bin. I’m delighted we can introduce something that people have been keen to see.”