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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE VILLIERS HIGH SCHOOL A brighter future Villiers Sixth Form is committed to delivering a personalised and dynamic post-16 experience, with a wide range of opportunities to gain qualifications and develop first class skills for employment. S ixth Formers are encouraged to pursue new interests, ensuring they achieve their full potential. The staff offer unrivalled advice and support on university applications and career options, designed to ensure students’ future success. The current Year 13 students are hard at work, anxiously preparing for their final A-level exams, with many students already looking ahead to the next chapter of their lives; whether it be furthering their study at university, applying for an apprenticeship or embarking on a new career path. More than 96% of Year 13 students who applied have been successfully offered a place at their chosen university, including highly regarded universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Edinburgh and King’s College London – the school’s most successful entryrate for higher education to date. Parth Gharfalkar, Year 13 Student Vice-President, who has been offered a place to study physics at Cambridge University, said: “I’m really excited about going to Cambridge; it’s been a dream for me since I was a child. My teachers helped me to prepare for the interview in addition to their support throughout my studies, so that I didn’t get nervous during the interview and was able to enjoy myself.” Building on its 100% pass rate in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) and the school’s specialism in science and technology, many of the students opted to pursue their interests in science-based degrees such as physics, chemistry and forensic science, pharmacy, aeronautical engineering and psychology; with an inspiring nine students being offered places to study biomedical science at their chosen university. Shazia Shabbir, Villiers University Lectures Club Leader; and Year 13 student Saarim Suleman; are both delighted that they have both been successfully offered places to study medicine at their chosen university. Shazia said: “My favourite part of being at Villiers has to be the number of ambitious people I have met here. They inspire and help motivate me with my studies. The teachers in the Sixth Form are really supportive and push you to exceed your potential. I would advise younger students to always think ahead and look towards your future.” With a 100% pass rate in STEM subjects at AS and A level, the best ever A-level results to date, and with the majority of sixth form students successfully progressing to a number of prestigious universities, Villiers Sixth Form is on a fast track to success, with ambitious plans to sustain and accelerate the progress. We wish all sixth form students the best of luck in their exams, confident that they have what it takes to succeed; developing and strengthening their passport to a brighter future. MORE INFORMATION To find out what makes Villiers Sixth Form unique, and for more information on the school and how to arrange a visit, visit the website 34 around ealing Summer 2014