Around Ealing February/March 2019 - Page 22

COMMUNITY SAFETY 1 On camera Did you know the borough is protected by a 650-camera CCTV system? As Philip Brent reports, it has been upgraded by the council and now helps police and enforcement officers deal with three times as many incidents. Y ou may have noticed changes to cameras around the borough, particularly in town centres, and this is thanks to a £2.5million upgrade carried out since 2016 to provide CCTV using the latest technology. It has dramatically enhanced what it can do – with vastly improved coverage, and better links into police systems. The borough’s control room in Perceval House in Ealing is one of the most advanced in the UK, providing support to emergency services at crucial times. Thanks to the upgrade, it now has improved camera positions to allow for better views and the majority of the cameras in our town cameras also now use high definition (HD), providing four times the quality of standard images. Borough police commander Paul Martin said: “Why wouldn’t you want CCTV? Especially the HD cameras the council is operating now. The team there can inform us of illegal activity while its happening and feed us footage while we send officers to the scene, and it can record evidence in incredible detail. It helps us catch criminals and also improves the chances of conviction in court because they are caught in the act on HD footage.” Councillor Joanna Camadoo, the council’s cabinet member for inclusion and community safety, said: “Making the upgrades to the borough’s CCTV system has put Ealing at the forefront of crime detection. Providing high quality video to council services and police to tackle crime within the borough has proven valuable in keeping our residents safe.” Read the full story at 22 around ealing    February 2019 The council is considering evidence for a borough-wide PSPO (public spaces protection order). Currently, there are four localised PSPOs in place to improve the quality of life for residents and reduce anti-social behaviour but now the council is considering introducing one across the entire borough. Prior to any decision, a consultation will take place and will be published online at in spring. 2 Have you been caught out by fraud or know of someone who has? You may already know some of the tricks fraudsters use, but the rise of the internet means new ones are being invented all the time. To find out how modern fraud works, what you can do to guard against it and how to report it, watch our video of Inspector Mark Hughes from Ealing Police outlining the 10 golden rules to prevent fraud, at fraud-tips 3 Since it was set up last June, the OWL network has found missing children, stopped scams and helped police gather intelligence. The online service provides residents with regular local crime prevention advice and also area-specific alerts by email and is run by the police and Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators. It is free for anyone to join, at – and more than 13,000 Ealing residents have already done so. Read the full story at