Around 2016

AROUND THE WORLD AND OUR SCHOOL MARCH 2016 / 3 EASTER IS COMING We are waiting for Easter that this year we celebrate in March. In Poland the tradition is to hunt for Easter bunny. In England a popular game is egg hunt and egg rolling. The rule is to roll decorated or hard-boiled eggs down the hill. The winner is the person whose egg wasn’t broken. The next tradition is to hide chocolate eggs in the garden or the house for children to search them. Chocolate eggs are so tasty that the British eat over 80 million of them each Easter. It’s really amazing as the population of this country is 63 million. EASTER POEMS WHERE IS A BUNNY? At EASTER every bunny likes to be funny! They want to paint like a saint. So each egg has eyes, a smile and a leg! Then bunny gives sweets and other bunnies greets. They sit on the grass, waiting for the mass!! EASTER TIME Where is a bunny? It's very funny. We love to paint on an egg a saint. The cake is sweet, we should eat meat or we can go to the mass through the grass. Autorki: Ala Kosińska, Kasia Sawoń, Sara Gniecka Autorki: Hanna Kapela, Nel Wierzbińska-Skupsch, Natalia Czerwińska EASTER IS COMING/ EASTER POEMS 1 OUR GREEK PEN PALS 2 ST. PATRICK’S DAY CROSSWORD 3 4