ARMAzonan NOV/DEC 2016 - WINTER ISSUE - Page 8

Board Member Spotlight Gary Hanby What do you like your job? Gary Hanby, Records Manager, Yavapai County about I enjoy the many people that I come in contact with. We work with the Yavapai County Library District, Sharlot Hall Museum and the municipalities and historical societies in the county. Would you be willing to live "off the grid"? Why or why not? I think I would like living off the grid. Honestly, I would have to try it for a while. Like I mentioned before, I do live in a rural area, but I have all the amenities now. To me things have got too crazy that just getting away from so many things in the world would be nice. What was your toughest accomplishment in your RIM career to-date? When I took this position at Yavapai County I had never been in Records Management. When I got here, the department was very dysfunctional. There were many conflicts among employees and co-workers. I had to find my spot first and then work on getting the department more cohesive. That did mean getting rid of some employees that were not productive and disruptive. How do you keep current in the RIM industry? What tools do you use? I keep as current as I can by online articles, especially through ARMA and through the Arizona Library and Archives. What hobby or activity that you not do now but think you might like when you retire? I would love to do small scale farming. I live north of Prescott in a very rural area. If you could have a drink with someone from history who would it be? Why? I would like to have a drink with President Kennedy. He has been my favorite president since I was a kid. I think that because he had so many new ideas and was on the brink of the 1960’s. His time was cut too short and a lot of things that may have changed our history were never accomplished. What was the first thing you learned to cook? The first thing that I learned to cook was Mexican Food. Being born and raised in Arizona has something to do with it also. I do think that my refried beans and green chile come out pretty good! What was the biggest perk of any job you had? Who is your employer? What do they do? And what is your role there? I am employed by Yavapai County. Yavapai County was one of the first of the original four counties of Arizona. I am the Records Manager for the County. When I worked for Coconino County Recorder/Elections department the biggest perk for me was working toward my National Elections Certification. Along with getting the certification, which I worked ha ɐ™½Θ½Ω•Θ€Με•…ΙΜ°$…±ΝΌ)½ΠΡΌΩ₯Ν₯Ё͕ٕɅ°‘₯™™•Ι•ΉΠΝхѕ́ΝՍ …́=Ι•½Έ°•½Ι₯„…Ή±½Ι₯‘„Έ()%˜ε½Τέ•Ι”ΡΌΡ•… „±…Ν́ݑ…Ёݽձε½ΤΡ•… ό)$έ½Υ±±½Ω”ΡΌΡ•… „!₯ΝΡ½Ι䁍±…ΝΜΈ%ΈΑ…ΙΡ₯Υ±…Θ°$έ½Υ±)±₯­”…ΈΙ₯ι½Ή„!₯ΝΡ½Ι䁍±…ΝΜΈ$±½Ω”ΡΌΙ•……‰½ΥЁё”‘₯ΝΡ½Ι䁽˜½ΥȁΝΡ…Ρ”Έ(ΰ((0