ARMAzonan NOV/DEC 2016 - WINTER ISSUE - Page 4

LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: ENGAGING, EXCITING The ARMA me, she is incredibly organized and Leadership passed on some amazing templates Conference in and artifacts. Reno, Nevada 2016: Katherine Katherine Herrick ECM Solutions Analyst Records & Information Consulting Salt River Project (SRP) WHY MANAGE YOUR DATA? I f your data source is well documented, you know how and where to look for your information and the results your return will be what you expect. In addition, accurate data I Herrick This year’s Great Northwest and Pacific Region Leadership Conference was amazing and I am thankful that I was have been affiliated with the permitted to attend. The meeting was Arizona Chapter of ARMA for attended by more than 80 participants, several years, and I am thrilled to sharing their opportunities as well as be this year’s VP of Programs. My goal best practices and lessons learned. I is to offer a year filled with dynamic personally came back ready to engage speakers and breakout sessions that our new and/or young members, look at offer not just networking opportunities small group sessions outside of our but the education that will help you regular meetings, work on my CRM grow within the RIM profession. Last (hopefully with a few of you), try a year’s VP of Programs did an amazing virtual meeting and so much more. job and left big shoes to fill but lucky for “B eing a member of ARMA and AZ ARMA is essential to keep up to date and informed with current industry practices. Accessing information online, in seminars and books are great tools provided by ARMA and our local chapter.” S. Mendez are legally and scientifically defensible. Such data may aid the agency by reducing litigations and appeals. - Image Credit: The Couri- 4 4