ARMAzonan NOV/DEC 2016 - WINTER ISSUE - Page 21

Certified Records Analyst (CRA) The Institute of Applying for the Examination Applicants must complete and submit an application form online (available at, with supporting documentation indicating education and acceptable professional work Certified Records Managers experience, to the ICRM for review. Applicants may not sit for Founded in 1975, the Institute of Certified Records Managers the examination until their application has been approved. (ICRM) is an international certifying organization of and for Education and Professional professional records managers. The Institute confers three designations: the Certified Records Manager (CRM), the Certified Records Manager/Nuclear Specialist (CRM/NS), and now the Certified Records Analyst (CRA). Work Experience Applicants who properly demonstrate achievement of a four-year (bachelor’s) degree from an accredited institution of higher The ICRM serves as the official certifying body for Records and education must also demonstrate one year of professional Records and Information Management experience. Information Management (RIM)/Information Governance (IG) Alternatively, one year of professional Records and Information professionals seeking or maintaing the CRA and CRM Management experience can be substituted for each year of college certifications and for Nuclear Information and Records education. Management Association (NIRMA) members seeking or maintaining the CRM/NS certification. The ICRM is an independent, non-profit organization administered by a Board of Regents in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of the Institute. The ICRM is a member of the National Certification Commission. The Certification Process Attaining the CRA designation is based on educational background, work experience, and passing the three examinations. Even more exciting is that, once certified, CRAs can elect to take additional exams at their own pace (not limited to the five-year examination cycle) if they wish to pursue the CRM. Credit is ]\Y܈[XYBY[X\\[HPԓB][\Y\ Y  وH^\وHԓBԐ\\HH]Y][ۈ\Y[X\\[]B^[Z[][ۊK[[ۜ]YHY[][ۈ[SK[X[HۈZ\^B\ XܙܙX][ۈ[\B]Z[[HԓKHԐx&\ۛYH[^\Y[H[Y\X\X\\‚\ ΈXܙ\[\ܘYK[]Y][X]K[X]HXܙ\[\[XۚXXܙ[[ܛX][ۋY[]ܞH\X[K\[]Y\]Z\[Y[BYXXHX[Y[Y[وXܙ[[ܛX][ۋ[]X[ܙK[]YX[X\HԐH\Yۘ][ۈHYY][YX][ۘ[[ܚ^\Y[H\]Z\[Y[\X\YBHPԓH[H\[H\]Z\Y\Y\و^[Z[][ۜ˂B