ARMAzonan NOV/DEC 2016 - WINTER ISSUE - Page 2

ARMA ARIZONA PRESIDENT”S MESSAGE NOV/DEC 2016 D ear Chapter Members, Guests and Vendors; It seems like just yesterday we kicked off our 2016-2017 chapter year. Although we had somewhat of a rocky start with changes to board roles due to circumstantial changes in employment, I am pleased that we have been able to make a rather smooth transition. This last summer a few board members were able to participate in the Pacific Region’s Annual Leadership Conference held in Reno, Nevada. It was a very productive conference of learning and sharing ideas regarding membership retention and engagement. Some board members have written a short piece on their first experience at the conference which you will find in this newsletter. Additionally, in each newsletter we want to spotlight a member that you may see at regular chapter meetings but do not really know who they are or what they do in the RIM field. In this newsletter we are featuring Sandra Mendez of Trico Electric Cooperative. She is a very active member of the chapter along with her cohort Martha Pate. They make a long drive from down south to further their RIM knowledge gained through the monthly meetings we hold. We also are featuring board member spotlights in this newsletter for two new board members. We will eventually circle around to all of them so that you can get to know who serves you – the members and vendors! We hope that you will take time to introduce yourself to these people if you do not already know them. Networking can open new opportunities and friendships that you never would have known existed so, give yourself the gift of a new ARMA connection this new year. INSIDE THIS ISSUE Speaking of networking, there is a quote I like by Deepak Chopra where he says, “Giving connects two people, the giver and receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging.” Essentially, when we ARMA members embrace and create communities, we in a sense build a place of belonging; like a big close-knit family. Member Spotlight……………………. .12 Data and information is changing the way we control and access it. There are stories in the news daily about breaches of sensitive information, FOIA and public record requests being denied or withheld. Scandals of private servers used in government settings, or emails and public records being destroyed before public officials leave office (just to name a few). You should be commended on your commitment to stay ahead of these issues with our ongoing commitment to quality education. I know I am proud of our board for working hard to produce these events, and our vendors who make it possible. But most importantly, I am proud of you for taking interest in your chapter and yourself for continuing to develop your knowledge in records and information management. President’s Message ................ 1 Andrew Ysasi ........................... 2 Leadership Conference. ........... 3 Board Member Spotlight. ......... 8 Calendar of Events………….……… 15 Arizona’s CRM’s……………..………. .18 ARMA Certification Info………… .19 SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST  AZs Newest CRMs!  CRA, IGP, CRM Info  Andrew Ysasi—January Guest Speaker  Robert Smallwood IGP Course  St. Mary’s Food Bank I am looking forward to an exciting year! 2