Arlington School & Family Magazine June/July 2015 - Page 34

Nonprofit Organizations More Education Foundation Celebration Fun… Win  $500     for  your   school  group   or  team   Sponsored  by:   Tell   us   why   your   AISD  school  group  or   team   needs   $500.   Include   informaLon   describing   how   this   sponsorship   money   would   be   used   and   the   posiLve   effect   it   would   have   on   your   group.   The   winner   will   be   selected   by   the   Hildebrand   staff   and   released   in   next   month’s   AISD   School   &  Family  Magazine.     32 Arlington School & Family - June/July 2015 Mail  or  deliver     your  entry  to:   Dr.  Hildebrand   C/O  AISD  Contest   2200  I-­‐20  West,   Suite  100     Arlington,  Tx  76017