Arizona Telemedicine Blog Book - Page 42

Visit Us Online! The ATP blog online publishes a new article every two weeks and features stories on a broad range of topics in telemedicine and telehealth. You can browse articles under seven different telemedicine and telehealth categories, or search for something specific. You can also join the conversation by commenting on any article. If you want to keep in touch and make sure you don’t miss a new article, you can sign up to receive our blog updates via email. We’re always interested in hearing from our readers! Please visit us online to stay connected and share your thoughts on the articles. About the Authors Our articles are authored by telemedicine and telehealth providers, end-users, supporters and explorers. Past authors have included individuals from our program and the University of Arizona, as well as local and national telemedicine programs, organizations and companies. We’ve heard from providers, CEOs and patients, all sharing their unique perspective on telemedicine and telehealth topics. Online, we feature all of our authors in an “About the Author” section at the end of each article, so you’ll always get to know a little about the person behind the voice of each article. Featured Authors Nancy Rowe joined the Arizona Telemedicine Program in January 2014 as the Flagstaff-based associate director for outreach. She directed the telemedicine program at Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority from 2001 through 2013 and is the past chair of the American Telemedicine Association Business and Finance Special Interest Group. Jane Erikson joined the staf