Argentina May 2013 Vol 2

Argentina Flag and Geography Volume 1, Issue 1 5-14-13 Argentina Facts By: Emily Watt The Argentinean Flag There are two theories on what the colors mean on the flag. The blue in the flag is said to represent the Rio de Playa. This river is the widest river in the world, and the river is supposedly white. The white in the flag is supposed to represtent the silver in the area. Argentina is known for its silver mining, andthe name Argentina comes from the Latin word Argentum, which means silver. The second theory is that the colors represented the Bourbon Dynasty of Spain. History of the Flag: The Argentinean flag without the sun emblem has existed since 1816. The first time the sun showed up on the flag was on February 25th, 1818. Se le conoce como sol de mayo. The sun on the flag used to be restricted to only be used by the government and the army, but in later years the citizens were given the right to use this flag, as long as they were gentle and showed respect to it. Interesting Facts It is considered an honor to carry the flag. In schools, students compete to carry it, but the student who does usually has the best grades. The flag bearer usually has to have escorts, according to law. The flag bearer always has to be screened. “Argentina is known for its silver mining.” “It is considered an honor to carry the Argentinean flag during ceremonies. The Argentinean Flag