Area Guide 2016 - Page 52

Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Activities • We are the major organization that connects over 400 members with each other and highlight new services and products. • We attend regional trade shows and business expos promoting business and tourism in Southern Vermont. • We collaborate with the Bennington Economic Development Partners which is a core group of organizations including the Town of Bennington, Regional Planning and Development Commissions, downtown organization and more to drive local economic development. • We have strong relationships with both the State Office of Tourism, as well as the State Office of Economic Development as we look to build the Southern Economic Development Zone. • We are active in the development of The Lightning Jar, Bennington’s first coworking space, and the Bennington Young Professionals group. • We support industry workforce tra [[ܘ[\[B[[\\ܘ[\[ۙ[™YX][ۘ[ܘ[[Z[[Y][Y[ (HH\]HH]Hو\[۝[YH[\]Y\ݙ\ L \]ܜHYX\(HH\\][YYXH\[Y\[Y[B[[ۈ[\U U[Е LSHݚYBXX[ [\[ܙ\]Hܘ[[Z[]YY\X]HY[X\˂(HHܚ]][H]\Y[X\ۜ[ X ܛ[[\^HZ\\[\]YY\܈[[YYX]B[[Y[H\[˂