Area Guide 2016 - Page 5

Welcome The Small Town In Each Of Us to Bennington Vermont There’s a small town in each of us, the Don Henley song goes. Whether passing through, visiting for a long weekend or choosing to live here, Bennington, Vermont provides that small town feel. A nostalgic feeling of closeness and familiarity, of friends and family, of fresh cut grass and a warm summer breeze and the rustle of cool, crisp leaves dancing in the fall. All of this happens here, while still providing our citizens and guests the ability to get lost in the the beauty of the Green Mountains, travel to major cities like Boston, New York or Montreal, or bump along our dusty country roads as they try to find one of our many iconic covered bridges. Walk the streets of this quaint and historic town in Southern Vermont and you’ll be greeted with hellos, good days, current town news, and directions to many of our home town attractions including the Bennington Battle Monument, the museum, the local farmers’ market, delicious restaurants and coffee shops, art galleries or the start of the White Rock hiking path. Most stores, adorned with “Open” signs and perhaps some Vermont-ish product, are local mom-and-pop shops either passed down from generation to generation or started with the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven this town forward since its chartering. Established as a town in 1749, Bennington is actually the first chartered town in all of Vermont. One could say Vermont began here, birthed right in the crescent valley of these Southshires. The syrup, the cheese, the microbrew beer and that old New England feeling could be said to have started right here in Bennington. Even the remnants of the Green Mountain Boys, who fought in the Revolutionary War, marched through these streets protecting the origins of Vermont and the American ideals of freedom and equality. It all began here in Bennington. However, do not be confused by the antiquity and history of this town; this is a bustling community with an emerging art scene, live performances, a growing business sector and entrepreneurial start-ups that have historically been a backbone to our economy. So as the Don Henley song goes, “with a small town in each of us,” why don’t you stop on by one of the first small towns and find yourself enjoying all four seasons of Bennington, Vermont? Vermont begins here! On behalf of the Chamber and our members, I welcome you [[ۈ8$HH[H[H[\^B]\X]\[ۂ^X]]H\X܋[[ۈ\XH[X\و[Y\BX][[ۋB