Area Guide 2016 - Page 29

Shopping JEWELERS PHARMACY Armstrong Jewelers The Pharmacy, Inc. 437 Main Street Bennington, VT 05201 802-442-2122 205 North Sreet Bennington, VT 05201 802-442-5602 Full Service fine jewelry store. Your Community Pharmacy since 1969. MUSIC SNOW SHOES Knapps Dion Snowshoes 417 Main Street Bennington, VT 05201 802-442-6252 940 Water Street, Box 11 North Bennington, VT 05257 802-753-1174 Eclectic mix of music, toys, games and hobbies. Manufacturer and Retailer of high quality snowshoes. OFFICE EQUIPMENT SPECIALTY STORES Quality Retail Systems DMEenterprises 1531 NY Route 67 Schaghticoke, NY 12154 518-753-4500 P.O. Box 1152 Bennington, VT 05201 802-440-9758 Micros, Pos, Ricoh and Sharp copiers. Auctions, Internet Consignment, Discount Retail products, landscaping services. Repeat Business Systems 4 Fritz Blvd. Suite 1 Albany, NY 12205 802-447-4773 ext. 433 The Al XHX‚[ T\XH\[\\]Z\Y[ K^ [ [H[ X[^X]]K˜Y؝\X[X\˘B]H 8$ܙ\و ӖBܝ[[ۋ LMŽ M LNL˜\X]\[\\[\˘BYY][X[X\[][ZH][X\X]ܙB܈]\X\X\YHX܋X]\[ܙK[T]Y\NL]XZ[Y] Z]H B][  M B L NNL ˜[\]Y\ B[][ۜY\\ܝ\Yۜ[[]ܚ\X\˂RS\[U[X[\ŒMܝYH]B[[ۋ L B M MMBBB˔Y؝\P[X\˘B M LNL˜\[][X[\˘B ۈH Ӗx"ܙ\KQH\[Y[8(] [ LKMY]X[]HZ[ \Y\܈۝Xܜ‰YHۙ\˂B