Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 7

7 Arctic Yearbook 2015 The Arctic Coast Guard Forum: A Welcome and Important Step 389 Rebecca Pincus Getting Arctic Shipping Back on Course 391 Clive Tesar, Rod Downie & Simon Walmsley The Arctic Human Development Report II: A Contribution to Arctic Policy Shaping 395 Gail Fondahl & Joan Nymand Larsen International Meeting of the AC Member States in September 2015 in Arkhangelsk 398 Lassi Heininen Arctic Futures Initiative: A Holistic Approach to Arctic Futures 401 Anni Reissell, Hannu Halinen, Peter Lemke & Charlie Vörösmarty Russian Military Activities in the Arctic: Myths & Realities 404 Alexander Sergunin & Valery Konyshev NATO & the Arctic 408 Maarten de Sitter Does the Sun also Rise in the Arctic? Three Pillars of Japan’s Arctic Policy 410 Fujio Ohnishi Section VI 412 Briefing Notes 412 What Role for the Arctic in the UN Climate Conference (COP21)? 413 Sébastien Duyck The New Nexus of Climate & Energy Security for the Sustainable Arctic Future 422 Hyo-Sun Kim The Oslo Declaration on High Seas Fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean 426 Erik J. Molenaar Exploring Reasons & Remedies for the EU’s Incapability to Devise an ‘Arctic Policy’: The Quest for Coherence 431 Adam Stępień & Andreas Raspotnik Table of Contents