Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 63

63 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Figure 6. (A) The visualization tool when a stakeholder group is selected: red indicates a link to an interest, and purple indicates a link to another stakeholder. (B) The tool when an interest is selected: all stakeholders with that interest are linked and highlighted in blue. Furthermore, description windows were added for each SG and interest (Figure 7). They appear when the user clicks on a particular node. The descriptions are either taken directly from the official website of the SG (e.g., those of federal departments and agencies), or they have been written based on the literature. We took this approach because we wanted to provide more information to the user, but wanted to keep the visualization simple and easy to read and understand. Figure 7. The pop-up description windows when clicking on (A) a stakeholder group or (B) an interest. Conclusions With another three to four decades before substantial increases in maritime traffic are expected in the Canadian North, a unique opportunity has been presented: there is the time to conduct the integrative Beveridge, Fournier & Pelot