Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 60

60 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Scale and interests The stakeholders were first analyzed by scale and interest separately. As one could expect, more stakeholders operate nationally than internationally or locally (71% versus 54% and 57% respectively) (Table 2). Of the 28 SGs, only seven operate at all scales: classification societies, DFO, DND, nonInuit commercial fisheries, the cruise industry, NGOs, and the research community/consultants. We then analyzed the stakeholders based solely on interests, of which most were concerned with climate & environment (93%), safety, security & defence (89%), and economics (79%) (Figure 3). No stakeholder group is dedicated to only health and social aspects or Inuit interests. Nine are interested in all five topics. Table 2. The distribution of stakeholder groups based on the scale(s) at which they operate. Scale Number of stakeholder groups Percent Includes international 15 54% Includes national 20 71% Includes local 16 57% International only 3 11% International and national only 4 15% National only 6 22% National and local only 4 11% Local only 4 15% International and local only 1 4% International, national and local 7 26% For the analysis, international and domestic shipping industries were classified as not having an interest in health & social aspects. Codes of conduct often require consideration of potential impacts on society, but it is our understanding that the main goals of the shipping industry are not focused on improving the health and well-being of northern societies. Thus they were not considered to be interested in “health & social” within this study. Figure 3. The number of stakeholder groups interested in a particular set of interests; those interested in all aspects are not included (9 groups). C=Climate & Environment; E=Economics; S=Safety, Security & Defence; H=Health & Social; I=Inuit-Specific Aspects. Each side of a square represents an interest, allowing up to four interests to be communicated. In some cases, an interest will be repeated, resulting less than four interests to be represented. Take the square with the number “7” for example: Starting on the left with Interest 1, we see the first interest is Climate & Environment; Interest 2 on the top of the square indicates the interest of Economics; the right side indicates Interest 3, which is Safety, Security & Defence; and Interest 4 represented by the bottom is also Safety, Security & Defence. This means that there are 7 stakeholder groups interested in climate & environment, economics, and safety, security & defence. Maritime Activities in the Canadian Arctic