Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 6

6 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Toward an Arctic Way: Regimes, Realignments, & the ASEAN Analogue 296 Reid Lidow Big Fish in a Small (Arctic) Pond: Regime Adherence as Status & Arctic State Identity in Norway Ingrid A. Medby 313 Carving up the Arctic: The Continental Shelf Process between International Law & Geopolitics Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen 327 The Arctic Security Community: Proving Ground or Sub-Plot of a Tensed European Security Environment? 345 Benjamin Schaller Section V 365 Commentaries 365 The GLACIER Conference & President Obama’s Links to the Arctic 366 Lawson W. Brigham The U.S. Must Live Up to Commitments as Arctic Nation 370 Rep. Rick Larsen The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission, Legislative Arctic Committees, & Governor Walker’s Arctic Policy Effort 372 Rep. Bob Herron Place Holding but Noteworthy: Canada & the Arctic Council 375 Andrea Charron Yukon as a Regional & Circumpolar Actor 378 Hon. Currie Dixon Greenland’s Election 2014: A Return to Pragmatism 380 Page Wilson Future Greenland 2015: Tourism as the Future of Greenland? 382 Lill Rastad Bjørst The Arctic Council Permanent Participants: Capacity & Support – Past, Present & Future Jim Gamble Table of Contents 385