Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 5

5 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Resource Development & Land Claim Settlements in the Canadian Arctic: Multilevel Governance, Subsidiarity & Streamlining 119 Thierry Rodon & Aude Therrien Governance of Sustainable Mining in Arctic Countries: Finland, Sweden, Greenland & Russia 132 Heidi Tiainen, Rauno Sairinen & Olga Sidorenko At the Margins: Political Change and Indigenous Self-Determination in Post-Soviet Chukotka 158 Gary N. Wilson & Jeffrey J. Kormos Section III 174 Arctic regional governance 174 Towards Arctic Resource Governance of Marine Invasive Species 175 Melina Kourantidou, Brooks A. Kaiser, & Linda M. Fernandez Inter-Parliamentary Institutions & Arctic Governance 195 Michał Łuszczuk Governance of Arctic Offshore Oil & Gas Activities: Multilevel Governance & Legal Pluralism at Stake 214 Cécile Pelaudeix Large-Scale Disaster Response in the Arctic: Are We Ready? Lessons from the Literature on Wicked Policy Problems 234 Rebecca Pincus Role of the Arctic Council Chairmanship 247 Malgorzata Smieszek & Paula Kankaanpää Section IV 263 International and global governance 263 The ‘Common Arctic’: Legal Analysis of Arctic & non-Arctic Political Discourses 264 Kristin Bartenstein Foreign & Domestic Discourse on the Russian Arctic 281 Ieva Bērziņa Table of Contents