Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 374

374 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Alaska’s Arctic Policy now in statute During the Fall of 2014, the AAPC collectively produced a draft Alaska Arctic Policy bill for consideration by the Legislature. The Legislature subsequently passed HB 1. After being heard and altered in several committees, the policy differs from the AAPC draft, but is substantively similar. The bill took effect August 9, 2015 and is codified in Alaska Statute 44.99.105. The policy consists of four pillars:  Uphold the state’s commitment to economically vibrant communities sustained by development activities consistent with the state's responsibility for a healthy environment;  Collaborate with all levels of government, tribes, industry, and nongovernmental organizations to achieve transparent and inclusive Arctic decision-making;  Enhance the security of the Arctic region of the state and, thereby, the security of the entire state; and  Value and strengthen the resilience of communities and respect and integrate the culture, language, and knowledge of Arctic peoples. This law, now officially Alaska’s Arctic Policy, is intended as an overarching guide for the AAPC’s Implementation Plan. Alaska’s Arctic Policy Effort