Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 373

373 Arctic Yearbook 2015 Arctic Policy Committee is chaired by Representative Bob Herron; the Senate Arctic Committee is co-chaired by Senators Lesil McGuire and Cathy Giessel. These committees have and will continue to meet both separately and jointly to further discuss and seek ways to execute the AAPC Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan includes 32 Strategic Recommendations organized into four Lines of Effort: 1. Promote Economic & Resource Development 2. Address the Response Capacity Gap 3. Support Healthy Communities 4. Strengthen Science & Research Some examples of recommendations from each of these Four Lines of Effort:  1A - Facilitate the development of Arctic port systems in the Bering Strait region to support export, response and regional development.  1B - Strengthen or develop a mechanism for resource production-related revenue sharing to impacted communities.  2D - Facilitate and secure public and private investment in support of critical search and rescue, oil spill response and broader emergency response infrastructure  3B - Reduce power and heating costs in rural Alaskan Arctic communities.  3F - Enforce measures that protect and help further understanding of food security of Arctic peoples and communities.  4F - Invest in U.S. Arctic weather, water and ice forecasting systems.  4G - Update hydrocarbon and mineral resource estimates and mapping in the Alaskan Arctic. The Implementation Plan has three target audiences and represents the playbook for Alaska Governor Bill Walker’s Administration and the Legislature, through the work of its Arctic Committees, and the federal government to implement Alaska’s Arctic Policy. In the Implementation Plan, each recommendation is assigned one or two departments or agencies as leads, and also includes suggestions for legislative actions to further the recommendation. As part of the Governor’s efforts, nearly every Administrative Department is involved in Arctic policy implementation – the undertaking is led by Craig Fleener, Governor’s Arctic Policy Adviser, and includes, among others, Commissioners from the Departments of Commerce, Community & Economic Development; Transportation & Pu