Arctic Yearbook 2015 - Page 372

Commentary The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission, Legislative Arctic Committees, and Governor Walker’s Arctic Policy Effort Rep. Bob Herron The Alaska Arctic Policy Commission (AAPC) was legislatively created in April 2012 and its first meeting was March 23, 2013. The AAPC was comprised of 26 Commissioners, including 10 Legislators and 16 subject matter experts from throughout the state; and co-chaired by Senator Lesil McGuire and Representative Bob Herron. The AAPC was tasked with creating an actionable Arctic policy for Alaska – to produce a policy for Alaska’s Arctic that reflects the values of Alaskans and provides a suite of options to capitalize on the opportunities and safeguard against risks. The AAPC emphasized public engagement, convening meetings in seven locations around the state over the course of two years and receiving testimony from local residents in each location. Alaskans from all walks of life positively influenced the AAPC’s Final Report and Implementation Plan released January 30, 2015 ( The AAPC, by statute, concluded its work after the release of the Final Report and Implementation Plan. Per the recommendation of the AAPC, during the 2015 Legislative Session, the House and Senate each created their own Arctic Committee. The House Economic Development, Tourism and Representative Bob Herron has served in the Alaska Legislature since 2008. His current House District comprises 33 villages in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. He recently served as Co-Chair of the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission, which delivered its final report in January, 2015 ( He also chairs the House Economic Development, Tourism, & Arctic Policy Committee. Representative Herron has sponsored and successfully passed 9 pieces of Arctic legislation – most recently HB 1, Alaska’s Arctic Policy in 2015.